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Car tyres are an important part of the car since it would be impossible for the car to move without them. Tyre Fitting Croydon is responsible for creating contact between the car and the road. Performance, safety, maneuverability and the general efficiency of your vehicle will be determined by the condition of your tyres. Tyres Croydon will let you know the types of tyres that are available in the market.


Types of car tyres:

Tyres do not last forever and like other car parts they wear out according to where and how long they have been used. The major categories of tyres you can choose from are:


Performance tyres:

The design of the tyre is aimed at creating better performance and tyre grip on the road since they are manufactured using a soft rubber compound. The tyres are not designed to last long and target those who have a thrill of speed and do not mind paying a higher price for it.


Wet weather tyres:

They are made with a softer compound to that of the performance tyres. This is because the tyres need to heat up quickly in wet conditions at the same time providing the grip needed.


All weather tyres:

This is the most popular type of car tyres since it comes with every car after manufacture. For longevity, they are made with a harder rubber compound which in turn compromises on the cornering performance. The approach when choosing these tyres is to have a general tyre that not necessarily works best in all conditions but it works.


All terrain tyres:

They are mostly used for commercial trucks or sport utility vehicles. They are large in area and contain bigger tread patterns. These features make them rather noisy on smooth roads but quite handy in rough roads due to the grip.


Mud tyres:

They have distinctively huge treads blocks which are at the extreme end of the all terrain tyre category. The massive legs limit their use on normal roads since they are very noisy and may affect the cars stability.


How to buy car tyres:

For reasons such as safety fuel efficiency and also performance you need to choose the right tyre when buying. One needs to know what to look for first before walking to a tyre dealer. Some of the things to consider are:


Where and how you drive:

The weather conditions and the terrain of the roads you drive on is an important consideration when buying a car. If your driving is very fast, also consider the safest tyres.


Tyre brand:

There are different brands and doing an online search or consulting a car expert will help you choose the best.


Where you buy:

Choose a dealer that only deals with genuine tyres. Also choose one that offers a fair price deal that includes tyre change.


Right tyre for your car:

You should know your car tyre size. The wrong size can cause poor stability and bad performance.